ViNtrol Corporate Headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
ViNtrol Corporate Headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK

ViNtrol®, Inc. is a growing manufacturer of flow control products tailored to meet the needs of various industry requirements with primary focus within the oil and gas industry. ViNtrol provides one of the most comprehensive lines of valve product offerings to accommodate and service the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream market segments. ViNtrol continues to make strides in elevating our company beyond industry standards and customer expectations by consistently providing superior quality, maintaining expansive inventory levels, and immediately responsive to customer needs.

While Off-the-Shelf inventory has been a key factor to the growth of ViNtrol, our Sales and Engineering teams are ready to provide engineered solutions customized to meet your needs. Ranging from Single Source Fully Automated Valve packages, Metal-to-Metal Sealing, Stem Extensions, Coatings, Off-the-Shelf upgrades and Built-to-Order, ViNtrol has the right valve for your application requirements.  ViNtrol’s vast expertise in valve manufacturing is backed by a management team with over 100 years of experience collectively serving the Oil & Gas industry.

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Domestic and Non-Domestic Manufacturing
As a Dual-Source manufacturer of Domestic and Non-Domestic valves, ViNtrol offers a competitive edge. Our expansive product range consist of Ball Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves, Needle Valves, Chokes, and Rotary 1/4 turn  and linear stroke Actuators. These World Class products are manufactured in Vintrol’s State-of-the-Art facilities that uphold the highest standards of product quality. All ViNtrol facilities maintain ISO 9001 Certification and with licenses operating under API 6A/PSL4 and API 6D.