It All Starts with ViNtrol’s State-of-the-Art Facility and Extensive Product Offering
ViNtrol's approximately 86,000 square foot facility in Oklahoma City, OK dedicates over 71,000 square feet to product assembly, testing, valve automation, enhancements and product upgrades to meet our customer’s needs. Not to mention, ViNtrol’s bold commitment to maintaining inventory in sizes ranging from 1/4" thru 36” diameter. ViNtrol offers a full range of Trunnion Ball Valves, Flanged Floating Ball Valves, Threaded Floating Ball Valves, API 6D Flanged Check Valves, Wafer Swing Check Valves, Severe Service & Metal Seated Ball Valves, Commodity Ball Valves, API 6A Gate Valves, Chokes, and Actuators for Quarter-Turn and Linear Stroke Operation.

ViNtrol’s State-of-the-Art Engineering Services
ViNtrol provides professional engineering services to solve your most challenging applications. Our engineering department utilizes lthe latest 3D technology for speed and precision. Contact us with your project specifications and we can design a solution that meets all your conformance requirements. Click here to learn more about custom valve modification services.

Learn more about ViNtrol's products and capabilities by watching our slide show below.

Custom Valve Modification Services
ViNtrol offers custom modifications, capabilities, and services on any product to meet your specific application requirements. Some of these modifications and services include the following:

  • Domestic Product thru 16” Diameter
  • Import Product up thru 60” Diameter
  • Single Source Fully Automated Ball and Gate Valve Packages
  • Metal-to-Metal Sealing Solutions
  • Stem Extensions; High Head and Gear Operator
  • Valve Coating & Weld Overlay Systems
  • Off-the-Shelf Upgrades
  • Built-to-Order
  • Hot Tap Valves
  • Special Testing Services
  • “Valve Assurance” Program

Single Source Automation
• ViNtrol Series 21 Scotch Yoke Actuator for Quarter Turn Valve Products
• ViNtrol Diaphragm and Piston Linear Actuator for API 6A Gate Valves and Choke
• Complete Automated Valve Packages With a Variety of Options Available for Instrumentation & Controls

Stem Extension
• Complete Fabricated Stem Extensions for Buried Service Applications
• High Head and Gear Mount Extensions with Fully Extended Lube Lines
• Welded and Threaded Lube Fitting Construction Available

Overlays and Coatings
• 304SS, 316SS, 317SS, Inconel®, Hastelloy® and Monel®
• Nedox®
• Coal-Tar Set Epoxy
• Enduro-Bond™
• Xylan®
• E-Coat Ceramics